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Regular Meetings

We meet on the second Wednesday of each month between September and May for talks by members or visiting speakers, Click here to see the current planned programme.


Email :

Chairman   -   Peter Aston     Tel -  01260 280047

Secretary   -   Linda Hulse     Tel -  01260 274736

Treasurer   -   Linda Aston     Tel -  01260 280047


The objectives of the Society are to foster and encourage, amongst members of the public, interest in and research into the history of the town of Congleton and the neighbourhood by means of meetings, lectures, visits, the publication and distribution of papers, articles, and books.


The Society was formed in 1963 with the specific intention of producing a history of the Town of Congleton to be published to celebrate the 700 year anniversary of the Town gaining its Market Charter. This early group was successful and published W B Stephens' History of Congleton in 1970 in good time for Charter Year with its accompanying visit by the Queen in 1972. The Book is now out of print and commands a significant premium; copies have recently been changing hands at £50. When the book was published, a new group decided to promote the understanding of History in the Town and the Society in its current form was born.

We celebrated our “50th Birthday” with a History Day in Congleton Town Hall in April 2013, attracting well in excess of 300 visitors.

Museum Trust

There are close links between the History Society and Congleton Museum Trust. The Trust was formed to create the Town Museum which opened in June 2002, with the help of Heritage Lottery Funding and lots of local Charity and Council support. The Museum interests a wide range of visitors from both near and far and young and old! For more specific information on the Museum follow this link to its Website

Membership Fees

Each member pays an annual subscription fee of £8.00.


Visitors are most welcome to any of the meetings for an entrance fee of £3.


Over the years the society and its members have published various books, journals and pamphlets, a selection of which is available for sale in Congleton Museum.

During Millennium Year we completed a project recording as much information about the current Town and its surroundings as possible. The intention was to provide an archive of information for future generations to use. A book of our work was published in 2001, titled Congleton in the Year 2000, and it too is available in the Museum.